SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A Sacramento couple was featured this Valentine's Day by Southwest Airlines for the adorable way they met and fell in love.

"We have kind of like a crazy love story," 22-year-old Morgan Breipohl told ABC10. "We kind of like to tell it in chapters, because it's one of the stories that's hard to follow if you don't set it up with some chapters."

It started when Morgan's now-fiance, Robby Maxey, was assigned to help Morgan moved into her freshman-year dorm at California's Baptist University.

"I was like, 'Look over here! I want to ask you on a date!'" Robby remembered. "But she literally didn't look at me once. And I didn't see her for three more years."

That's where Southwest Airlines comes in. When they found themselves on the same flight from Ontario, California to Sacramento.

"He's wearing a Kings sweatshirt. Total '916' fan," Morgan said. "And he was cute, but I wasn't quite sure how I felt yet, so I smiled."

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The two sat next to each other and talked the whole flight. But neither could muster up the courage to ask to exchange numbers. Three months later, they met -- again! This time at church. ("Shout out to Bayside Midtown," Robby exclaimed.) 

Although excited to see each other, they still didn't exchange digits. It wasn't until Morgan friended Robby on Facebook that he then asked her out to coffee.

"We met at Temple Coffee Roasters," Morgan said.

"Shout out Temple!" Robby chimed in.

The rest, you might say, is history. Robby proposed this past December.

"I promised myself I would never be one of those ugly criers," Morgan laughed. "But I totally was."

Morgan shared their love story with Southwest, who then featured them on Twitter and Facebook on Valentine's Day.

"I think it's everybody's dream to get engaged and to think the whole world is so ecstatic for you," Morgan said. "And to actually have that opportunity is just, like, incredible for me."

"Yeah, it was pretty surreal," Robby added. "It was awesome."

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