For years, an empty lot on 5th and C in West Sacramento was considered an eyesore for the city.

That is until it was transformed into the first of five urban farm sites as part of the West Sacramento Urban Farm program, part of the California Farm Academy.

"This place is an opportunity for beginning farmers to get started and find a place to have access to land and start their own farms," said Mary Kimball, executive director of the Center for Land-Based learning, which runs the California Farm Academy. "A big part is also giving back to food banks."

Kimball said not every city thinks of urban agriculture positively.

"West Sacramento has the opposite approach: how can we do more of this?" said Kimball.

Kimball adds that the city of Sacramento has a similar mindset.

In the 2018 Rose Parade, you'll find Kimball on the Miracle-Gro float. Miracle-Gro has been funding the Urban Farm Program in West Sacramento since 2014, when the first urban farm site began.