You're getting ready for a night out, going to your local spot to hang out and they scan your ID. But what are they doing with that information?

Tina Lee-Vogt is the Program Manager with the City of Sacramento's Entertainment Program.

"They're scanning your identification for age verification and they're really not taking all the information from your card,” she said.

The city passed an ordinance in 2016 mandating that all bars and clubs in Sacramento use the PatronScan ID System.

"They don't get the driver's license number. They don't get any kind of information that could be used for identification theft,” she said.

Lee-Vogt says it's all in an effort to keep you and bar staff safe.

"If there's a problem at a venue where a bar patron gets a little out of hand, starts a fight, if they're making unwanted advances on women in the club, they can go ahead and flag that patron,” Lee-Vogt said. “Any time someone is flagged they really try to explain why that person is flagged. Were they flagged for a fight, were they flagged for inappropriate behavior? When they go to another venue, that venue decides if they want to let that person in."

We checked with local bars to see this thing in action, and that's how we met Robert Simpson. He owns Malt and Mash, Vanguard and a few other spots in Sacramento.

“We don't see anything but your name, your age and a picture,” he said. “We have no access to any other information."

Simpson says they've been using the system since before the city mandated it. He supports it.

"It keeps underage patrons out, it's also great for code compliance with our fire department to make sure our occupancy is correct,” he said. “It's a public safety tool to keep a disorderly patron out of our establishment if we choose to do so."

The establishments keep the data for 90 days to help with any potential police investigation.