If you are preparing for a Thanksgiving feast, listen up. A common cooking bi-product known as "FOG" could ruin your holiday festivities in the worst kind of way.

"FOG" stands for fats, oils, and grease. It wreaks havoc in Sacramento sewer lines every year.

"Over time it will accumulate and collect. Then it could stop water and cause an overflow,” said Sacramento Sewer District supervisor Rick Vargas.

An overflow is the last thing you want when guests are over for the holiday. That's why sewer maintenance crews work year round in Sacramento to clean pipes with high pressure water hoses.

"During the holidays we see a 70 percent increase in fats, oil and grease," Vargas said.

The "FOG" acts like glue when it gets in the pipes. Just about everything sticks to it.

Nearly a half-million people live within the Sacramento city limits and there is only about a half dozen sewer maintenance trucks.

You do the math. If everyone pours grease down the drain we have a problem.

So what should you do with that extra fat, oil and grease?

Can it, scrape it and trash it.

Once the grease cools put it in a disposable container like a used can. Then scrape the grease off your spoons and spatulas before washing.

After that, throw it all in the trash.