SACRAMENTO, Calif — The American River bike trail is the "jewel of Sacramento" according to the Regional Park's website. However, not all are welcome to do whichever recreational activity they please.

The American River bike trail, also known as the multi-use trail, allows for bike riders and pedestrians to do as they please with some etiquette guidelines to follow. Horses are able to ride on the portions of the trail designated for horses. Makes sense because a horse-bike accident is not a pretty sight.

Currently, the county has a ban on skateboarders riding on the trail.

Ken Casparis, communication and media officer for the Sacramento County Regional Parks, said that the city is currently looking into why this is because initially, the parks department is unsure.

Casparis said the reason may have to do with safety but the rule has been around for a long time.

Marycon Young with the City of Sacramento pointed out that this may be more than just a county rule. The State of California's Department of Transportation defines bike paths to only be available to bicyclists, pedestrians and horses depending on the trail.

So people are not allowed to skateboard even on state-controlled bike paths.

While the county looks into whether they want to change the rule about skateboards, this activity will remain banned.


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