SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Several women who work at businesses along Downtown Sacramento's R Street say a man has been following them while they were going to and leaving work.

Employees with the Iron Horse Tavern recently passed out fliers to area businesses, warning folks about the man.

"All of our ladies are beyond scared at this point,” the flier read. “He is terrorizing everyone on the block.”

The man has been found hiding behind trees, following women, and preventing women from getting in or out of their vehicles, R Street employees say.

Sara Yampolsky, an employee at an R Street Salon, told ABC10 that the man followed her, making derogatory comments as he trailed her on the sidewalk.

"I looked behind me and he was walking behind me pretty quick, so I just took out my taser, just in case," Yampolsky said. "And then I crossed the street and then he stopped following me."

That wasn't the first time the man followed her, Yampolsky said. She said she's frightened to walk to and from her car without an escort.

Yampolsky has a video of the man following other women who work along R Street. The video shows a man in a dark hoodie walking behind a woman, while another worker on R Street walks alongside him telling him to stop.

Sacramento Police Sgt. Vance Chandler said several businesses have reported similar incidents to police department.

Officers say if you are in the downtown or midtown areas you should always walk in groups, watch your surroundings, and call 911 if you see anything suspicious.

“Our police department is committed to making sure that everybody in the area stays safe and the important message to people in the area is if they have anything suspicious that happens to them, please call contact our police department,” Chandler said.

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