People are painting their doors gold as part of the Golden Doors Campaign in Sacramento after Attorney General Jeff Sessions came to the city last week to announce that California is being sued over immigration laws.

The golden doors came from an Emma Lazarus poem called, "The New Colossus." There is a line in the poem that states, "I lift my lamp beside the golden door."

"When Jeff Sessions came, we tried to come up with ways that would give people a way to say how they felt, and show they're supportive of immigrants and showing they're standing in solidarity of sanctuary city policies," said Tre Borden of Golden Doors.

There are more than a dozen doors painted gold around Sacramento.

Including Sacramento City Unified School District board member Jay Hansen.

"The problem for me is it does impact our kids and our students, who don't know what's really happening to them," Hansen said. "They see negativity, they see anger, they see hateful actions. I think it's really important for people in Sacramento to show what a welcoming community we are."

People expressed on social media that they were not supportive of the stance and worried they may be a target. Others were in support of Sessions and the administration.

However, it doesn't bother Hansen and the rest of the people who are part of the Golden Doors campaign.

"I don't think I'm gonna let things like that deter me from doing things that I think is a good thing for our community that is positive and supportive," Hansen said.

For more information on the campaign. click here.