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SF Giants pitcher Logan Webb talks fentanyl danger with Rocklin High students

He hopes his own family's tragedy can serve as a lesson for others to shield them from a similar pain.

ROCKLIN, Calif. — Hundreds of students packed the gymnasium of Rocklin High School to hear a presentation about the dangers of fentanyl. Among the speakers was star pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, Logan Webb.

He shared his story of loss, hoping to relay a message to students and warn them about fentanyl poisoning. They're the same type of messages he wishes he heard sooner, so he could tell his cousin Kade not to take the risk on a counterfeit pill.

"His smile would light up the room, just him smiling and laughing. The whole room would smile and laugh. I miss that. I miss that a lot," said Webb.

His cousin died last December, two days shy of Webb's wedding.

While he couldn't save Kade before he took the pill laced with fentanyl, he hopes to keep others like him alive.

By speaking before his old high school in Rocklin, he urged teens to say "no" to experimenting with dangerous drugs. 

"I want kids to know that, not just kids but everybody to know that, one of those pills can cause so much damage - not just to you but your entire family and community," said Webb.

He hopes his family's tragedy can serve as a lesson for others to shield them from a similar pain.

"It's really sad to know that people are dealing with this all the time, and I know that the person, the kid that Kade was, for him not to be able to grow old to be with his daughter or girlfriend is really sad," said Webb.

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