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Snow loading collapses roofs, closes businesses, displaces residents

Officials are working to prevent "snow loading" when rain weighs down existing snow on a roof, causing a collapse.

POLLOCK PINES, Calif. — Residents and business owners have been victims to “snow loading” as another Atmospheric River hits Northern California. 

Snow loading is when rain weighs down on snow already settled on a roof, potentially causing collapse. 

Some businesses, like the Pollock Pines Safeway, have crews to clear their roof with cranes and other tools. Residents rely on these big box stores so they can stock up on necessary supplies ahead of and during storms. 

“It’s a necessity for people up here,” said Mike Delfino. “I’m worried about people up here.”

He says the safeway is a necessity, otherwise residents will have to drive down to Placerville for supplies — something officials advise to avoid in these weather conditions. 

Tricia Hamerton says she has 17 puppies at home and they all depend on the store for food.’

“For a lot of us we like to shop up here. We would rather do that then go down the hill,” said Hamerton.

Luckily the Safeway is still open but for those in South Lake Tahoe, their Raley's was closed over structural concerns. 

Other buildings are in similar situations, apartments partially collapsing as officials evacuate residents. 

South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue responded to a complete mobile home roof failure. no injuries were reported in this incident. 

Efforts continue to clear snow for high hazard buildings ahead of more snow, rain and thunderstorms coming Sunday. 

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