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South Lake Tahoe bike rental shop closes early due to smoke from Tamarack Fire

Sunday afternoon smoke halted bike rentals at one South Lake Tahoe shop.

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — A typically bustling South Lake Tahoe turned into a ghost town on Sunday afternoon, according to Noah Stiles, Tahoe Bike and Ski Company assistant manager. Smoke filled the basin for a few hours, causing him to close up shop early.

"It was everywhere. You could smell it. You could taste it," Stiles said. "Afterwards, there was actually ash on a lot of our bikes and surries. We had to wash that all off this morning."

He said the smoke rolled in around 3 p.m., sending him and Tahoe Bike employees indoors. 

"We all abandoned the deck and ran inside for a bit to get out of it," Stiles said. 

As a South Lake Tahoe resident, Stiles said he and others often keep a watchful eye when they hear about nearby fires. 

"From what we've heard, some reservations have been cancelled because people have concerns about the smoke up here and about the fire getting closer and closer, but there still 30 plus miles away," he said. "We’re not super concerned- unless something crazy drastic happens. We're hoping for the rain the next couple days though."

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