A number of special needs adults and children are getting ready for their first talent show in Rancho Cordova Saturday.

"He will be singing a song, a Bollywood song, and he'll be dancing with his buddies," Seena Pillai, a parent, said of their child.

For them, the talent show is a moment for the parents and their children.

"He was a typical boy until 2-and-a-half-years-old when he got diagnosed with leukemia. He was rushed into an emergency room and was in a coma for four months," Pillai said. "Even the slightest joy, the slightest happiness, slightest anything makes us so happy. It's like we're over the moon. It's as if he was the President of the United States."

They've been planning the talent show for several weeks by spreading the word through social media. There will be 22 people of all ethnicities performing.

"I think it's building a self-esteem and he is getting to meet many people and a diversified community," said Meena Kalyanasundaram, a parent.

It's more than just getting the spotlight but having people to share it with.

"They understand each other and the friendship is so divine," Pillai said. "It's so awesome to see the bond over the weeks."

The finale will be on Saturday and the talent show will be at the Performance Arts Center at Cordova High School.

"It's like amazing," Pillai said. "Since I've already seen him dancing, I've never seen him be an emcee so I just want to see how he does."