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Spring can mean more pesky mosquitoes. Here's how to keep that problem a small one.

As long as there is a constant water supply, mosquitoes have been known to reproduce in something as small as an overturned bottle cap.

HERALD, Calif. — Linda McAllister was standing outside on the patio around 11:00 a.m. Monday when mosquitoes attacked her and her daughter. Now, she's worried the wet spring might mean even more of the pesky bugs.

It's Mosquito Awareness Week in California. Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control is working to educate people about how they can prevent the insects from reproducing and spreading.

"One of our main messages that we're always trying to promote is draining sources of stagnant water around your home," explained spokesperson Luz Maria Robles. "This is exactly what you would see if you left a bucket, a container, maybe a flower pot or a kiddie pool, [or] a dog dish with stagnant water in your yard."

Mosquitoes have been known to reproduce in something as small as an overturned bottle cap, provided there is a constant water supply.

"I love working in the garden," said McAllister, "but I have to be careful to not to have a lot of saucers underneath the plants, because anything that collects water is a place for mosquitoes to breed."

Kevin Valone, a field technician with Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito & Vector Control, paid a visit to the McAllister's home on Monday to inspect the property and help where he could, and McAllister is grateful to have Mosquito & Vector Control's help. 

One of the remedies Valone brought was mosquito eating fish. 

Valone put a few fish in the horse troughs,  which provides an environmentally friendly method of insect control without the use of chemicals. 

"I tell you, we appreciate them," said McAlliser. "All we have to do is call when [there is] the first sign of a real invasion of mosquitoes. We call Kevin, and they're here as soon as they can get here."


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