A 4,100 mile bike journey is a feat in itself, so would you want to build a home after it?

A nonprofit named Bike & Build stopped in Stockton on Thursday to do just that.

The group of 30 cyclists started their journey from Connecticut on June 1, 2016, and will end Sunday, August 14, 2016, in Half Moon Bay.

Along their route they’ve stopped to volunteer their time at different home building sites.

“That (work) could range from anything from landscaping or painting, fixing homes, to what we’re doing today which is kind of a full build,” said trip leader David Messmer.

Stockton’s Habitat for Humanity Build along Glenhaven Lane is the 15th build site they've stopped at on their trip.

“It hasn’t really felt like we’ve gone anywhere,” said Messmer. “It feels like we just ride our bikes every day and before you know it you’re on the other side of the country,” he added.

They’re giving back to communities along the way.

“We all realize how important it is to have a home and be a homeowner in America and we’re just trying to make that be a possibility for a lot more people,” said rider Meghan Stang.

Bike & Build hosts eight different rides across the country. On this East to West Coast route (which included Stockton) they’ve raised at least $135,000 that will go out in grants to affordable housing agencies, according to Messmer.

The group of young adults stays at host sites along the route. In Stockton they’re being hosted by the First Presbyterian Church.

The group will spend Friday working at the Stockton build site before it finishes its more than 10 week journey on Sunday in Half Moon Bay.