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Caltrans closes all interchanges at Stockton's crosstown freeway

The weekend closing will mean commuters won't be able to transition to and from I-5 and Highway 99 using Stockton's crosstown freeway.

STOCKTON, Calif. — Weekend freeway onramp closings in Stockton are expected to impact thousands of drivers on Interstate 5, Highway 99 and the city's arterial crosstown freeway, also known as State Route 4.

From 10 p.m. Thursday through 5 a.m. Monday, connector ramps from both north and southbound I-5 to and from the crosstown freeway will be closed for construction, Caltrans officials say.

At the same time, all onramps from both northbound and southbound Highway 99 to and from Stockton's crosstown freeway are also being closed.

The construction-caused closings will mean drivers won't be able to transition between I-5 and Highway 99, or access downtown using Stockton's crosstown freeway.

Instead, traffic on both I-5 and Highway 99 will continue north and south into and out of Stockton, with no interchange.

Detours that connect I-5 and Highway 99:

  • Hammer Lane 
  • Eight Mile Road
  • State Route 12 through Lodi
  • State Route 120 through Manteca

Detours from I-5 to downtown:

  • Charter Way to El Dorado Street (both northbound and southbound)
  • Fremont Street (for southbound traffic)
  • Pershing Avenue to Flora Street (for northbound traffic)

Detours from Highway 99 to downtown:

  • Fremont Street (both northbound and southbound)
  • Golden Gate Avenue to Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to California Street (both northbound and southbound)

During the 79-hour closing, the crosstown freeway's four other exits will remain open at Center Street, El Dorado Street, Stanislaus Street, Wilson Way and Filbert Street.

Community members in Midtown Stockton urge commuters to drive slowly and cautiously if using the Pershing Avenue exit as a detour.

Residents in the neighborhood have advocated to state and city officials in recent months for traffic improvements to the troublesome offramp at Pershing Avenue, which shoots freeway traffic directly into a residential community near Victory Park.

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