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Parents concerned after daughter was suspended fighting back against alleged attacker

The parent said his daughter was the one attacked but yet she was also suspended after the fight at a Lodi Unified school.

STOCKTON, Calif. — Concerned parents said they don't feel safe sending their daughter back to school after a caught-on-camera video revealed their teenage daughter being punched multiple times at school.

The fight happened at Christa McAuliffe Middle School in the Lodi Unified School District. Hunter Worsham, the father of the teenager girl attacked, is speaking out about how things played out.

“They’re not quick when a child is being hurt or pummeled to jump in and save that child from embarrassment, pain, suffering,” Worsham said.

To add insult to injury, Worsham said his daughter was the one attacked but yet she was also suspended.

“They told me that because my daughter didn’t walk away that she was being suspended as well, and I told the staff that my children will never take their eyes off of a threat,” Worsham said.

Krista Miramontez said their 14-year-old has faced physical and cyber bullying since the start of the year and also claimed students have so-called "blackmail pages" on Instagram that targets other students.

“They said horrible things. They said my daughter had STDs. They said she was a whore, and from that point on every day, she would go to school she would get called names by people she didn’t even know,” Miramontez said.

Lodi Unified released a statement saying they take all concerns surrounding student safety seriously. 

"Lodi Unified takes all concerns surrounding student safety seriously. Regarding a physical altercation that took place at Christa McAuliffe Middle this week, school site administration thoroughly investigated the incident and took appropriate action for those involved. We encourage our community to continue to share any safety concerns directly with our schools and district," the school district said in a statement to ABC10.

The family said they simply don’t feel safe sending their daughter back to school. They know they're not alone and they're asking other parents to voice their concerns as well.

“I’m trying to go about this in a way to inform others. I think it’s time to do a child check. Check with your children to see if they are being treated correctly at school," Worsham said. "Nobody should have to sit there and be called racial slurs. Nobody should have to be touched if they don’t want to be touched.”


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