People in Stockton gathered Tuesday to remember a 3-year-old girl killed by gunfire.

Melanie Martinez was in her family's car when she was hit Sunday.

"The day she died she went to the store," said Melanie's aunt, Diana Hernandez. "She just got a haircut for school and it was too short so she asked her mom if she could take her to Dollar General to buy a hat so when she went home is when it happened."

Stockton police don't have a motive or suspect.

They believe the family wasn't targeted and just happened to be caught in the gunfire.

"She was across the street from her house," Hernandez said. "She was almost home but didn't make it. She was at the wrong place at the wrong time."

The girl's parents were emotional and Hernandez says her mother is filled with regret.

"Her mom says she regrets going to the store," Hernandez said. "She tells herself why did I go? She just wanted a hat for her short hair."

The heartbreaking loss has spread throughout the community and beyond.

Dozens of people came out to remember the girl and pray with her parents.

Many of the people who showed up are family members but others wanted to show support.

"She was an innocent baby," said Jinelle Valenzuela, who attended the vigil to support Melanie's family. "She was taken way too soon and it could happen to anybody."

Melanie is described as having a beautiful smile, smart, and funny.

She was going to turn 4 in November.

Following the vigil, Mayor Anthony Silva took to his Facebook to ask residents to "step up" if they know anything about possible suspects: