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Through work, a family devotes their lives to Stockton. Through music, they'll share its beauty.

Through their music, "We the Allies" want to send a message showing a positive side of Stockton.

STOCKTON, Calif. — A Stockton family is gaining attention for both their musical talent and their passion for helping people. 

The Almanza siblings formed a band called "We the Allies" after years of singing in church with their grandmother.

They say they're each other's allies and each other's guiding light. 

"An ally is someone that you can rely on, a friend. Someone who's going to be there for you no matter what," said frontman, Almador Issac Almanza. 

It isn't just DNA that bonds the Almanza siblings. Each one was born and raised in Stockton, and each one works as a public servant.

Alamador Almanza is a Stockton Police Detective in the homicide unit; his twin, Jordan Almanza, is a state accountant; Justine Almanza is a middle school teacher; and Austin Almanza is a correctional officer.

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"Having that kind of background keeps us humble," said Justine Almanza. 

"I'm hoping kids out there... see us with our music and they can look up to us," said Almador Almanza. 

Together, they write the lyrics to their songs and each contribute to vocals. 

"It's a really a gratifying feeling when someone tells us, 'Oh your music really touched me'," said Jordan Almanza. 

Their first single, "No Matter What," they say, is a love song that boils down to home.

"Even if the house is falling apart- it's still your home," says Almador Almanza. 

In some ways, they say Stockton can be that place. 


Between 2018 and 2019, the city saw an increase in overall violent and property crimes. Last year, Stockton police investigated 34 homicides, though that's part of a decreasing trend. 

"Sometimes I think it's hard to think outside of that," said Justine Almanza. 

Through their music, "We the Allies" want to send a message showing a positive side of Stockton. 

"The biggest thing to realize is that there is hope and, if you chase your dreams and chase what you really want in life, you can get it," said Justine Almanza. 

For the Almanza family, that starts with a strong family dedicated to making something beautiful for their city.



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