STOCKTON, CA - Stockton police arrested 101 people during a gang sweep Friday and Saturday.

Stockton police worked with California Highway Patrol, San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department, Lodi police, Manteca police, Tracy police, U.S. Marshals, FBI, ATF, Department of Homeland Security, and California Department of Corrections during the past two days to suppress gang violence in the city, Det. Joe Silva said.

During the sweep, police arrested Jesus Marez, 23, in connection to the shooting of an ice cream vendor and Adolph Gutierrez, 54, in connection to a fatal stabbing.

The groups conducted patrols and parole/probation compliance searches on known gang members, associates and violent offenders.

Silva said on top of the arrests, the task force also:

Confiscated 17 firearms
Conducted 685 traffic stops
Conducted 20 parole searches and 67 probation searches
Seized 7.5 ounces of pot and 2.75 ounces of meth