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'We will continue to chose community in this crisis' | Stockton Mayor Tubbs delivers State of the City Address

"The challenge before us, however, is to work collectively to create a new normal. A path forward that both saves lives and livelihoods," Mayor Tubbs said.

STOCKTON, Calif. — Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs delivered his State of the City Address on Thursday, where he discussed how he hopes Stockton could contribute to moving the county deeper into Phase 2 of California's plan to reopen.

"We will continue to choose community in the crisis, because of that, the state of our city is Stockton strong," Tubbs said.

The state's plan to reopen consists of four phases, which could take months before the state lifts its stay-at-home restrictions. Most California counties are within Phase 2 of reopening — including San Joaquin County.

"The challenge before us, however, is to work collectively to create a new normal," Tubbs said. "A path forward that both saves lives and livelihoods."

Tubbs said Stockton could progress deeper in Phase 2 if residents continue to follow the health officials' guidelines: only travel when it is essential, maintain social distancing and washing their hands. 

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Tubbs said he asked San Joaquin County Public Health Officer Maggie Park to make the wearing of face masks a requirement to help stop the spread of the disease. The city will provide 14,000 masks for businesses that are opening the doors for the first time since the stay-at-home orders, Tubbs said.

Due to the city of Stockton having 45% of the county's population and 52% of reported coronavirus cases, Tubbs is asking for the county to use $133 million for the city. 

Stockton allocated $350,000 while raising $150,000 to create a small business relief grant program, Tubbs said. Tubbs said about 1,000 companies applied for a grant.

Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed to cut $6.1 billion from state programs as part of next year's budget. Newsom said state workers, including himself, would see a 10% pay cut as well. 

Tubbs said Stockton's budget is balanced and will not cut staff salaries or services. The city will also not have to furlough its staff, Tubbs said.

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Crime in Stockton

Law enforcement agencies reported there were 39 reported homicides within the city of Stockton in 2019, which the city has not seen such a low number in decades, Tubbs said. Tubbs said there 40% fewer non-injury shootings for this year so far.

Tubbs said the city is experiencing an increase in reported domestic violence cases. 

Stockton is not the only city to see a spike in domestic violence cases with many cities across the country seeing "double-digit percentage jumps" compared to previous months. 

Domestic violence advocates told ABC10 in April that California's stay-at-home orders might not put victims in the best situation, because they might have to shelter with their abuser.


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