Out of work for two years, Desteney Swank is looking for a job and struggling to survive.

The single Stockton mom of three says she's a certified nursing assistant, but with no experience, it's been two years and no job.

"Just praying, being strong and telling myself don't give up," Swank said.

Right now, San Joaquin County's unemployment rate stands at 8 percent. Stockton sits at 8.7 percent, compared to the state at 5.2 percent.

But job prospects may be looking up.

Nearly two years since Stockton exited bankruptcy, businesses continue to open, and city officials promise more on the way.

Last year, online clothing retailer Le Tote brought with it over 100 jobs. Turkhan foods brought 200 to 400 seasonal jobs, and commercial baker Best Express Foods 100 to 200 jobs.

"I think we have lots of projects that are moving forward," said Micah Runner, Stockton’s Economic Development Director.

He says they are working on bringing in hundreds of jobs connected to industrial business and upwards of 100 tied to healthcare sometime this year.

"We have lots of investments being made or potentially being made in the community so we're excited about 2017," Runner said.

John Solis is in charge of San Joaquin County’s WorkNet. It connects those out of work to employers.

"For San Joaquin County and Stockton the job outlook looks great," Solis said.

According to Solis, administrative, line supervisors, warehouse jobs and more are available now.

Hector Munoz has been out of work eight months after he was laid off a job in New Mexico at a refinery. But, he scored an interview in just two days in Stockton.

He says he was "surprised" but fortunate.

Those unemployed like Desteney Swank hope to be as lucky, especially if any employers in healthcare can hear her plea.

"If anyone out there is looking for someone that is reliable and independent. Believe me, I am the person for you," Swank said.