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Stockton residents piling on when it comes to leaves with storm approaching

Officials advise residents to keep leaves out of the way of gutters and storm drains to prevent flooding

STOCKTON, Calif. — It's been a couple of weeks since the last storm dropped rain on Northern California, and as such, people are taking action on the leaves lining their yards and roadways ahead of a looming storm. 

"A lot of leaves on the street. Nobody clean it up like this year. Now, we getting ready," said Stockton resident Alfredo Fernandez.

Fernandez lives in the city's Country Club neighborhood, where the spectacular fall colors are quickly fading away. Last year, Fernandez said water flooded a portion of his street, getting dangerously close to his home's front door.

"We couldn't even get out and get into the house. We had to use a big truck to get out and get in," said Fernandez.

However, what city and county officials worry about the most are leaves resting in gutters. Add in some wind and rain, and they can potentially clog the storm drains.

"You should rake your leaves, put them in your organics cart or your green waste cart. And, if that's full go ahead and bag them and place those bags next to your cart, and they'll be picked up on your regular collection day," said Stockton City spokesperson Connie Cochran.

For San Joaquin County residents, they can rake leaves in piles and the county's large trucks will scoop them away.

Outside the Stockton home of Peter and Lorraine Giddings, the lawnmower is on duty, and leaves are swept into a pile with rain on the way.

"We decided we better come out and clean it up, and we're supposed to keep it away from the curb so when it rains - a lot of people don't do that," said Lorraine Giddings.

Bottom line, let it drain when it rains by clearing leaves now.

"Do it. Get out there and clean up your yard," added Giddings.

With gusty winds forecast, it's also a good idea to secure loose items like decorations or lawn furniture. Also, when driving remember to slow down because stopping distances are two times longer on wet roads.


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