STOCKTON, Calif. — Nate Palmer was sitting down to watch a movie in his North Stockton apartment when suddenly a hail storm that was outside came inside.

"Didn't notice that the ceiling was droopin' down," says Palmer.

He had to get small buckets to catch the water that came down from the ceiling.

Meadow Green Apartments in North Stockton suffered some of the worst damage when this rare hail storm stalled over the area and turned May into a spring time winter wonderland.

Several ceilings in the apartments suffered damage from the water.

At the city's iconic Lincoln Center, the Podesto's Market parking lot looked more like a lake than a parking lot after the storm.

Inside the center, ceiling tiles near the front of the store proved to be no match for the heavy amounts of rain and hail.

"Must have dropped the drain up on our roof, so then the gutters couldn't handle all the water. So, it just started coming right down the roof panels," said Bernie Morgenstern, owner of Podesto's Market.

Just around the corner at Limitless Escape Games, the roof here went over the limit handling more than it could take.

"The rooms were all dry. It was all right here. We ended pulling up about eight big trash bags full of hail and wet insulation this morning from the attic," said Wes Decker, District Manager for Limitless Escape Games at Lincoln Center.

Even the Sherwood Mall wasn't immune from Mother Nature's wrath. At least one store was closed and buckets were placed to catch any stray leaks.

The clean-up after this historic storm may very well be remembered for a long time to come.

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