If you think Chris Geiler is a bit jumpy, you would be right. In fact, that would be a compliment to him.

"You're just in that moment. Nothing else really quite matters," said Geiler.

The 38-year-old Geiler is a world and national champion Wingsuit Pilot. He got interested in the sport after watching the movie, "Point Break" which features a scene with wingsuiters and seeing tv commercials featuring wingsuiters.

He was hooked.

Since 2010, the Stockton daredevil and Australian transplant has wingsuit jumped over 2,000 times. That doesn't even count another 2,600 times skydiving.

On Monday, he begins a two-day national championship competition in suburban Chicago.

"The sport is amazing," said Geiler. "It's more than the craziness and the adrenaline rush that everyone sort of talks about. It's the community and the whole experience."

Geiler trains at Skydive California in Tracy and jumps four to eight times a day. It's his full-time job. He makes a living coaching other aspiring wingsuiters, as well as getting the financial support of sponsors.

"The more that I delved into it, the more I wanted to keep doing it," said Geiler.

Competitions are judged on three tasks: longest flight time, distance traveled and fastest horizontal speed.

Geiler broke his own world record for time at the World Championships in the Czech Republic by flying 100.2 seconds during a 1,000 vertical-meter window in free fall. He set the Guinness Book of World Record in 2016 for freefall time flying at 85.7 seconds.

He builds up speed to 190 mph when he jumps. He says he keeps fit for his job by simply eating well.

Geiler says he is one of about 50 wingsuiters in the sport.

"Jumping itself is actually really peaceful," said Geiler.