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'Why are you doing this?': Woman uses a Sharpie to write on car hood in Stockton road rage incident

The victims are still dumbfounded as to why it happened to them.

STOCKTON, Calif. — Cello Arcia and his mother are still traumatized following a bizarre incident that happened in broad daylight at one of Stockton's busiest intersections.

It happened Monday around 11:30 a.m. at the intersection of March Lane and Pacific Avenue. Arcia and his mother were headed to the grocery store in his mother's newer white Tesla. 

For unknown reasons, Arcia says a car suddenly stopped in front of his mother's car in the middle of the road forcing his mother to slam on her brakes.

"Obviously me and my mother were furious about the situation so saw them glaring at both of us like through the mirrors, especially to my mom, so we were just showing our anger," said Arcia.

As cars continued to pass on by, Arcia said two women got out of their car and yelled slurs at their window.

They returned to their car only to have one them get out again with a Sharpie.

She began writing profanities on the car as Arcia recorded it all on his phone.

"My brain was like outraged because like 'What are you doing, like why are you doing this, like what was their motive?'" said Arcia. "It could be anyone's car. My car, your car, anyone's car."

Arcia says he wanted to get out and confront the vandal, but his mother told him not to.

The woman got back in her car white, Ford sedan and drove off.

He is hoping by sharing his story, someone will recognize the women and turn them in.

"At the end of the day I'm just glad me and my mom are safe," added Arcia.

He says a report was filed with police, but so far no arrests.

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