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The story behind the Amador Castle

It's a big house with a bigger collection out front. What's the story behind the Amador Castle?

Ferris wheels, bumper cars and a variety of metal animals are all on display in front of a "castle" in Amador County.

Over the years the collection has been the center of a lot of gossip in the small town of Pine Grove. The Amador Castle is owned by wealthy entrepreneur John Hertzig.

"I don't care what people think about it," Hertzig said.

The castle shaped home is located on Ridge Road between Pine Grove and Sutter Creek. Hertzig said he got a good deal on a variety of carnival rides and put them in his front yard.

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Ferris wheels, a carousel and other rides fill the property. The 72-year-old also collects aluminum animal statue.

"I used to move them around. Sometimes every month I would move them," Hertzig said.

Many of the locals often ask why he continues to add to his strange collection.

"I got to have something to do. Keep your mind occupied and gives people something to talk about... good or bad," Hertzig said.

He would rather have people talk about him than gossip about each other.

Hertzig said everyone can be a little crazy and it's not such a bad thing to show it off. If you ever find yourself on Ridge Road in Amador county, stop by the Hertzig’s castle and admire the crazy display.

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