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Traffic lane shift for westbound Highway 50 in Sacramento starts Friday

It'll start at 26th Street and impact access to certain exits.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Expect some lane changes on westbound Highway 50 starting around 5 a.m. Friday. This means that in order to exit to 16th and 10th streets from westbound 50, or to north and southbound I-5, cars need to use the two far right lanes.

The two far left lanes won't be able to exit at those locations but rather continue toward West Sacramento. The two lanes on the right will still have the option to continue west.

Dennis Keaton with Caltrans District 3 says they're anticipating backups for a couple of weeks as people get used to the shift, mainly impacting traffic on southbound Business 80 and northbound Highway 99.

In addition to the lane shifts, Caltrans is spreading the word about work zone safety. Keaton says Caltrans is working with California Highway Patrol to help enforce the speed limits. 

Even with the enforcement, he says a lot of people are still speeding up to 75 mph or faster through the work zone.

"We’d like the public to cooperate with us because as much as we have the cooperation and the help from the CHP, we still need motorists to slow down on their own, stay off the phones and obviously don't get behind the wheel if you're impaired," said Keaton.

Keaton says in order for contractors to progress down Highway 50, they need to move lanes over to be able to pour concrete in new areas and create a safe environment for highway workers to do their jobs.

Loud construction noises are also expected along Highway 50 as work is done.

Find a traffic map HERE.

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