Painted stones are helping an Elk Grove woman grieve after her cousin suddenly died in October.

Tara Jessen dreamed of traveling the world, and now strangers are honoring that wish by taking painted rocks with them on vacation.

“I was having such a hard time with it,” said Tiffany Clark, who called Jessen more than just a cousin. “She was my best friend, we’re seven months apart. She was my buddy."

To help her cope with the pain, Clark’s mom created “T’s Travels,” a Facebook and Instagram page for friends, family, and strangers to share photos of the painted stones while they’re on vacation.

Overlooking Pondicherry India

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“Just yesterday in one day, she flew to India, Hawaii, San Francisco and New York,” Clark said.

Clark told ABC10 that the response from the community, and people all across the country, has been overwhelming. "Never in a million years did I think it would do this.”

Sundial Bridge in Redding, CA #TarasTravels34

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Jessen’s aunt, Brenda Clark, said her niece always looked forward to going out of town. "It didn't matter if you were just going to Lodi – it was another town – it was some place else that she could mark off her list.'

The family says that the painted stones have helped them grieve because it’s their way of seeing Jessen moving on and continuing to fly.

Each stone has a dragonfly painted, which according to Clark, whenever there’s one in the yard, that symbolizes a lost one coming back to visit.

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The goal now is to get 220 stones out by February 20, which would have been Jessen’s 35th birthday.

"We're getting there,” Clark adds. “I've got a lot of painting to do, but we're getting there. Amazing things can happen and we believe that.”

Playing in the snow ❄ #TarasTravels34

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As of Sunday afternoon, Clark says she needed 85 more stones out to reach that goal.

If you’d like the family to send you a stone for you to take on an upcoming trip, visit T's Travel Facebook Page. If you would like to help donate money for paint or supplies, visit the Taras Travels Paypal page.