An Uber driver who saved a sex trafficking victim back in December of 2016 is educating other ride-share drivers about his experience.

Keith Avila was an Uber driver who helped save a missing teenager who was a victim of sex trafficking in Elk Grove.

"They were literally coaching her what to do when the little girl gets there to their destination point," Avila said. "Pat the guy down, check for weapons. Before you do anything get the donation first. They called it a donation."

Avila spoke at a ride-share drivers meeting Monday night detailing his story. Alicia Gonzales was at the meeting, and she wanted to know more about what to do and signs.

"Two months ago, I picked up a gentleman at a hotel and there was a female with him and they had all their luggage," Gonzales said. "They wanted me to take them from Sacramento to Sunnyvale. She was very quiet and she sat in the back and wouldn't make eye contact."

Avila said the main advice he would give drivers is to be aware of human trafficking and that it happens.

Missy McCall with Blue Heart International, an organization raising awareness on human trafficking, was also part of the meeting Monday meeting.

Some drivers still had questions, though, especially on how they would react in the situation.

"I'd like to know if I get close to that situation again," Juan Ojeda, a driver said. "How do you go about helping that person without alarming the person in the car?"

There's no one right answer on what to do. However, drivers are hoping at least knowing signs will make them more prepared than they were yesterday.