The University of California, Davis canceled Friday night's speaking event that featured Martin Shkreli as a guest speaker and headliner Milo Yiannopoulos editor for Breitbart News, according to UC Davis.

The school also confirmed one arrest during the protest.

"To me, you know, this is very disappointing," said Shkreli. "[UC Davis] is supposed to be an academically school. When I speak at Princeton, I don't expect this reaction."

But a lot of the protestors weren't students and a lot of them came hoping to protest peacefully. That wasn't the case and things quickly escalated.

There were several fights that broke out, and some people were dragged by police out of the building.

One protestor even threw hot coffee at an ABC10 camera crew and their equipment.

While UC Davis officials said they didn't cancel the event because of free speech rights, one protestor said she felt that was not a good enough reason.

"I believe that human lives are often more important than abstract and often misunderstood or absolutist free speech," Robin Averbeck said.

Protestors also called the event-goers names like "fascists," "bigots," "racists," and ,"homophobic."

An event-goer said he completely disagreed with those names.

"I think there's a level of irony in that they're the ones saying that we're the ones inciting violence," said a event-goer who said his name is Blair Fox. "Or that we are causing unrest, protesting, breaking barriers. We're waiting peacefully to get into the event."

"The thing about fascism, all these type of moments, they don't view themselves as bad people," Eran Elnik said. "They view themselves as doing good, promoting justice. That's why it's so successful. It doesn't look evil."

But not all protestors incited violence. In fact, there was a group that stood far away for the chaos with signs. And even many protestors in the crowd continued protesting peacefully.

Warren Johnson, who was an event attendee, said a protestor tried to rip his 'Make America Great Again' hat off and even teared the back.

Johnson said he was talking peacefully with a protestor.

"She said 'I don't like anything you stand for, but I love that you're here.'" Johnson said. "She was tlaking to me saying things like this [protest] doesn't help anything."

ABC10's Frances Wang was there and here was the scene on campus: