The 95690 zip code may be small, but it's loaded with history, particularly in Locke. 

Quick Stats 95690:

  • Population: 2,321
  • Housing Units: 985
  • Land area: 57.3 sq mi
  • City Incorporated: 1915 (Locke)

Yelp's Top Restaurants in Locke:

1. Al the Wop's13943 Main St.

Al the Wop's restaurant is a staple in the historic district, serving up American food. Fer. R says this place is a hidden gem that needs to be discovered!

2. Locke Garden Restaurant - 13967 River Road

Specializing in Chinese food, Brian C. says "You can't go wrong here, come here after hanging out in historic Locke for the day."

3. Lockeport Grill & Fountain - 13959 Main St.

Located just down the street in Walnut Grove, this place has everything to satisfy your sweet tooth. Sophia J. says "Such a fun place. The workers are super friendly and enthusiastic to customers and guests."

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