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East Valley pet owners wary of bobcats after recent sightings

Pet owners shared stories on social media about bobcats they saw in neighborhoods.

Brazen bobcats had pet owners sharing stories of neighborhood sightings on social media.

Four sightings have been confirmed in the area so far this year, according to Arizona Game & Fish spokesperson Amy Burnett. Burnett said that number is average for this time of year. Predators are likely coming closer because of the dry weather.

“It is possible they’re coming closer because we’ve had no monsoons,” she said.

One report came from an Ahwatukee neighborhood, near dog owner Duane Petrie's home of 11 years.

Petrie said he commonly sees coyotes and javelina in his front yard. In fact, one coyote took the life of his cat when it escaped to the front yard last year.

Petrie is securing his backyard to make sure no predator will be able to attack his 2-year-old dog, Mickey.

“I’m actually doing that right now, with my gate,” he said.  “There’s a little bit of a gap at the bottom, here, and if he gets excited, he can squeeze out.”

If you see a predator in your neighborhood, please report it to https://www.azgfd.com/.