Sacramento, Calif. — Since Stephon Clark's death, several statistics have been floating around regarding how many people have died at the hands of officers and how many of those cases have been prosecuted in Sacramento.

On Monday, Black Lives Matter tweeted several infographics calling on various cities inside Sacramento County to rescind District Attorney Anne Schubert.

The graphic said: "22 lives taken by cops since she took office in 2015. 0 charges."

Black Lives Matter Sacramento Chapter provided ABC10 with a list of the 22 names Saturday.

Courtesy: Sacramento Chapter of Black Lives Matter.
Courtesy: Sacramento Chapter of Black Lives Matter. 

The Sacramento County District Attorney's office pointed to their website for more information on cases they've handled over the past several years.

The Police Use of Force tab shows cases dating from 2014 to 2016.

Out of the 21 cases, 15 were deadly. Three out of the 15 were unarmed. The DA also said each shooting case was justified.

For the cases after 2016, ABC10 researchers looked on the Sacramento Police Department's website and through our archives.

There were six more deadly shootings involving officers within Sacramento County after 2016 including the killing of Clark.

In total, there have been at least 21 deadly officer-involved shootings since 2015 in Sacramento County.

The additional name on the list provided by Black Lives Matter is Daniel Landeros. He died November 30, 2016 after being chased by Elk Grove Police Officers.

According to his case review on the DA's website, "the cause of Landeros’ death was sudden death during restraint and methamphetamine intoxication."

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