ATLANTA -- Are strangers following you on Facebook?

An alarming post is going viral, claiming people you don't know are looking at your private profile. For people who share pictures and life updates, this is understandably freaking them out.

You've likely seen this in your Facebook feed - a step-by-step guide on how to block the strangers that could be following your profile. If you've done it, it's kind of creepy to see that list.

But it turns out that the rumor is actually FALSE.

According to, the steps on that list only generate Facebook users with the words "following" and "me" in their profile. It's not a list of people who actually follow you.

And even if they did, most people have privacy settings on their profiles that would prevent a "non-friend" from viewing their content.

If you're still concerned about this, the next time you post on Facebook, hover over the gray triangle in the post box and verify that it says "Friends and Family" and not "Public." The latter of these two means your post is visible to anyone viewing your Facebook page. Also be aware that posts and replies made on other people's profiles and other public posts may be visible to the general public or some people you don't necessarily know.


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