Dozens of family and friends gathered for a candlelight vigil Friday night to remember a mother and daughter who were killed in south Sacramento last week.

Erica Wallace, 45, and her 17-year-old daughter Kiara Lasalle were murdered by Wallace's boyfriend Eric Arnold, 41. Arnold was killed in a shootout with police Sept. 7 after officers pulled him over for a routine traffic stop. Officials said Arnold was wanted in the double homicide and was trying to get away when he shot at two Sacramento Police officers.

Both officers are expected to recover.

Family and friends at the vigil told ABC10 that the family was been going through a lot recently. Wallace's father and mother passed away recently, within months of each other. Her ex-husband also died around the same time.

Alonzo LaSalle was Kiara's father. He said she was his only child.

"I'm so proud of her that she graduated," LaSalle said at the vigil. "Me and her were real close. She was trying to go to college and be successful... I'm just truly going to miss her."

Her long-time dance teacher Brandan Jackson described Kiara as "persistent" even though she was not a naturally gifted dancer.

"She made me want to be a stronger teacher," Jackson said. "She would always want to practice at least one more time."

Jackson described Erica as the type of parent who would help provide water, food and snacks for the other kids.

Other family and friends said the two were lovers of God and the type to welcome people into their home when they needed it.

A coworker of Erica's described her as "sunshine in the morning."

Jackson broke down when talking about how much the two will be missed.

"The things [Kiara] was telling me she was wanting to warmed my heart. And it definitely made me believe in myself," said Jackson. "It broke me... they will truly be missed."