Officials with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife have determined that a young, Great White Shark that washed up along the shores of Santa Cruz died of organ failure. 

In a Facebook post, the department details their findings, dating back to when the shark washed up on shore on April 8th. The following day, the carcass of the shark was examined by CDFW officials, who later determined that it weighed just under 700 pounds and measured just under 10 feet. 

Biologists believe the shark died of multiple organ failure, with major lesions in the brain, liver and heart. Unknown microorganisms were also found and additional testing is being done.

"Although the lesions in the brain appeared similar to infections observed in stranded salmon and thresher sharks, there was no evidence of the Carnobacterial infection that is typically found in these smaller species," the Facebook post reads. 

The post also reminds beach goers that if they find a shark that has washed ashore, you should not try to push it back into the ocean.

"The best thing to do if you happen upon a stranded shark or ray, either alive or dead, is to notify CDFW as soon as possible," the post says.