The Holidays can be a really stressful time. With all the shopping, traveling, parties and food, finding ways to get into workouts can be difficult. Plus, after just a few days of indulging and little activity, you can already start to feel lazy so it’s still important to stay active and healthy. So if your normal workout routines are going to be in jeopardy this holiday season, here are a few ways to keep staying fit.

Keep Your Body Moving

If you’re planning to spend your holidays sitting on the couch watching football or Christmas movies, try to keep your body active. Too much sitting can be dangerous to your health and research shows that being physically active for five minutes every 30 minutes to an hour can reduce the risk of heart disease and even diabetes.

Stay Hydrated

Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners can be an absolute trap to your exercise routines. With all the sodium and high calorie meals, your body can start to dehydrate really quickly. One thing you can do before you indulge in your holiday feasts is to have a large glass of water before your meal can help fill you up quicker. In general, you should be drinking four cups of water for every 50 pounds of body weight.

There’s Always Time for a Workout

No matter what excuses you might be thinking of in your head, you can always make time for a quick workout. One idea is to try and plan for a good part of your day to get one regiment in. If there's is no possible way you can make it to the gym, finding a least 15 minutes for a full-body workout can get a nice sweat going!

Don’t Overindulge

With holiday parties around every corner, it’s easy to get caught up in eating all the holiday treats and especially, the holiday leftovers. So keeping the gingerbread men and Christmas cookies out of your house can make sticking to your holiday fitness plan much easier!

Find Healthy Alternatives

Just because your holiday dinner table is filled with all sorts delicious foods doesn't mean you can’t find a healthy and tasty substitute. There are plenty of healthy dishes that you can make and not feel guilty eating. If you are a fan of candied yams, try roasting some sweet potatoes. Do you like cranberry sauce? Try making your own cranberry relish, which can be made with half the sugar of cranberry sauce. You can find more great holiday substitutions here.

And Remember… The Holidays Aren’t Everyday

Just because you are taking some time to enjoy the holidays doesn’t mean you should take multiple days to do. So, if you want to indulge on Thanksgiving and Christmas, keep it to those days. Most people can start a pattern and feel they can keep skipping their workouts. Enjoy your holidays!