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WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Calls to 911 are shedding some new light on a shooting in West Sac that left a woman in her 50s dead and a man in his 70s behind bars.

"Units responding to Beardsley the caller is advising the suspect is still armed. He's sitting on his front porch," the dispatcher is heard saying.

The shooting happened near the intersection of Beardsley Plaza and Elkhorn Drive. Police have identified the shooting suspect as 74-year-old Ronald Mehler. Authorities have not yet identified the victim, but the 911 call offers some possible context.

"The caller is now advising the female was attempting to rob him, and he shot her," the dispatcher said. "He will surrender to PD, but he is still armed."

Police say when they arrived, they found a woman on the ground with a gunshot wound. She died at the scene. Police have not released an official motive.

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