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New farmers market coming to West Sacramento

The NeighborGood Market will be popping up in the Bridge District beginning this June after a unanimous approval from the city's council.

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A new kind of farmers market is coming to the Bridge District in West Sacramento every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. beginning this June.

The NeighborGood Market, managed by the local organization Unseen Heroes, was proposed during a West Sacramento City Council meeting earlier this year where it received unanimous approval.

“Councilmember Norma Alcala presented this idea because we've heard from the residents a desire to see a farmers market return to West Sacramento,” West Sacramento Mayor Martha Guerrero told ABC10. “In the past, we have had a lot of thriving urban farming programs, and the farmers here are looking for a place to be able to share the goods that they are growing here in the city.”

The farmers market will be located on Ballpark Drive near the Riverfront and will feature a variety of vendors from produce to small businesses.

“The NeighborGood Market is going to be a very unique concept that they've established in other parts of the region, which is combining traditional elements of a farmers market with entertainment, food and community engagement to highlight all the great things that West Sacramento has to offer,” Guerrero said.

In addition to providing residents with recreation, the initiative also aims to provide a place for small, local businesses and farmers to sell goods and be present in the community.

“Our local artisans will have an opportunity to sell their goods, and so I think it'll help our small businesses who are looking to encourage more growth,” Guerrero said.

One local entity that shared its excitement for the new farmers market was the Three Sisters Gardens, an organization in West Sacramento that aims to empower youth and build community relationships through gardening.

“We're pretty excited to give our youth another opportunity to sell vegetables and we know that there are some farmers markets nearby, but there's a lot of overhead to get in,” founder and director Alfred Melbourne said. “Being a young organization not currently organically certified, we need more markets to offer our vegetables so that we can subsidize our giving in the community.”

In addition to working with the youth and being community organizers, Three Sisters Gardens own four local farms that produce fresh produce for the area; many of which they give away wherever needed or look to sell at local farmers markets.

“I'm happy to see a lot of folks getting able to display the beautiful vegetables that everyone grows out here,” Melbourne said. “I think one of the amazing things that I find is the diversity and a variety of vegetables that folks have to offer.” 

While looking to support small growers and business owners, the city also aims to boost economic advancements by showing off the amenities of the riverfront area.

“It's kind of like a crown jewel of our city along the river,” Guerrero said. “People can just enjoy, sit around and relax at the riverfront while they're hanging out at the farmers market.”

Visit the Unseen Heroes website to find out on how to become a vendor, find NeighborGood Markets in the area and for updates on the upcoming market.

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