WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Neighbors in West Sacramento are working to make their streets safer. They say they've seen too many speeders creating dangerous situations. So, they're using the West Sacramento Connect app to bring attention to their concerns.

Over the years, Sunnie Thornton has seen drivers speed through the intersection near her home at the intersection of 19th and Virginia streets. She says other drivers have completely blown through the stop signs, even knocking one sign down.

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"The problems continued to persist and they seem like they've gotten a little bit worse with the amount of speeders that are coming through here," explained Thornton. 

Thornton believes this is especially dangerous because the intersection is located between two parks frequented by children and families. She reached out to the city using the West Sacramento Connect app. Now, police have installed a speed radar trailer to slow drivers down and collect data.

"I think having that trailer out there is a really great thing to do," Thornton said. "Because it will make people more aware and it's going to make people slow down and just be a little bit safer in our community and on our residential streets."

Paul Hosley is the communications officer with the City of West Sacramento. He says the information will be used to make future decisions.

"What we're going to do in this instance is keep that radar unit up for a couple of weeks, get some data, share that data with our police department," Hosley explained. "If it's determined that this is an area of concern for speeding, they (police) will do targeted patrols with their motorcycle patrol officers."

The West Sacramento Connect app is a fast way to connect the community to the city.

"It's an easy way for folks who have concerns around the city to report something directly to the department that might be responsible for fixing it," said Hosley.

After downloading the app, residents can quickly report things like abandoned shopping carts or cars, graffiti, illegal dumping, landscape maintenance, noise violations and more.

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