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By now, you have probably heard the news that billionaire investor Tim Draper wants to split up California into three different states.

Draper and his team argue California has become ungovernable because of economic and geographic diversity. They want to split up the state into three states, Northern California with 40 counties and approximately 13.3 million people, California with six counties and approximately 12.3 million people, and Southern California with 12 counties and approximately 12.3 million people.

Northern California would include Sacramento and San Francisco. California would include Los Angeles and Southern California would include San Diego.

"We see people leaving California in droves and this is an opportunity for Californians from a wide variety of demographics and geography in California to say that they want something more and different and better," said Peggy Grande with Cal 3.

On Facebook, we asked Californians if they agree? Most people said they disagree and they do not agree with the boundaries set by Draper.

"If we could simply redraw the boundaries of the northernmost state, what we call Jefferson to include the 23 counties and leave the counties that would simply dominate us politically, then yes we are fine with it," said Mark Baird with the State of Jefferson.

The group has been demanding fair representation for the 23 Northern California counties that have filed declarations.

"That's what we want out of California because we want political representations so we can conduct our own lives the way we want to," Baird said.

He does not fully support Draper's initiative but he does see it as an opportunity for support for the State of Jefferson.

"If we can tweak the boundary after the fact, then we are all for state split. California is broken. We must split this state up if any of us has a hope of surviving the debt crisis California has got us into but if its another form of tyranny for us, then no we are not in favor of it. We don't know yet but we will find out very quickly," he added.

In terms of moving forward, if this initiative passes, the state legislature would have to pass an amendment then Congress would need to approve it.

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