*This story has been updated to include information from Roseville Fire Department, Sacramento City Fire Department, Folsom Fire Department, Modesto Fire Department, and Cosumnes Fire Department

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The wildfires in California are fought by firefighters from around the region. These firefighters are placing their lives at risk in wildfires, some of which have already proven to be deadly.

Although the fires may be taking place hours away from any given residence, they are fought and suppressed with the aid of local firefighters that have dedicated themselves to protecting their community and their state.

Here are the local firefighters that are combating some of these deadly California wildfires.

Manteca Fire Department

Manteca Fire Department has nine firefighters that have been deployed to wildfires. Five are currently deployed to the Carr Fire by Redding.

After 14 days, four firefighters that had been combating the Ferguson Fire will be returning to their community, however, four new firefighters will be taking their place and head to the Carr Fire. These teams have been fulfilling roles OES structure protection, active fire measures, and off-road firefighting.

Lathrop Manteca Fire Protection District

The Lathrop Manteca Fire Protection District has a total of 15 firefighters combating wildfires. There is not estimated time on when they will return.

The Lathrop Manteca firefighters have been dealing with the Ferguson Fire, however, some are being reassigned to incidents in Northern California. According to Cal OES, these firefighters have been assisting in the Ferguson Fire and the Cranston Fire.

Tracy Fire Department

Ten Tracy Firefighters have been deployed to the Carr Fire and the Ferguson Fire.

At the Carr Fire, there two overhead personnel operating as a Strike Team Leader and Strike Team Leader Trainee that were deployed on July 29.

A Strike Team Leader from Tracy Fire was deployed on July 15 to the Ferguson Fire and has already returned as of July 23.

The Carr Fire has a total of eight firefighters from Tracy Fire. Four of these firefighters were reassigned from from the Ferguson Fire to the Carr Fire on July 30. These two teams of four consist of a Fire Captain, Fire Engineer, and two firefighters.

Turlock Fire Department

Turlock Fire Department has seven fire personnel deployed to two different incidents in the state.

Two fire captains are present at the Cranston Fire fulfilling overhead positions as a public information officer and a medical unit leader.

Four other personnel are part of OES 339 and were deployed on the July 15 as part of 4803A. The original crew worked 14 days and switched out with four new firefighters on July 29.

One Battalion chief with Turlock Fire has been deployed as a strike team leader. He has been out since July 16.

Due to current fire conditions, there is no anticipated date of return. Ferguson team has been released and will be heading toward the Mendocino Complex fire.

Modesto Fire Department

As of July 27, Modesto Fire Department was assisting with three different fires in California. OES 321 was assigned to Strike Team 4803A at the Ferguson Fire.

A battalion chief is with Strike Team 4805A as a Strike Team Leader Trainee at the Cranston Fire. Grass 3 was part of Task Force 4231 assigned to the Carr Fire with a Division Chief serving as a Task Force Leader and with an Engineer as a Fire Line Medic.

On July 30, Modesto firefighters posted on social media that there crews would be heading to the Mendocino Complex Fire. There is still fire personnel from Modesto at the Carr Fire. A deployment of Modesto firefighters to the Ferguson Fire is expected July 31.

These firefighters have provided mutual aid at the fires, but recently, they also provided aid for their fellow firefighters from the Arrowhead Hotshots. The Hotshots recently lost a team member in Capt. Brian Hughes. After the Hughes was escorted to the coroner’s office, they spent the night in Modesto and were treated to breakfast by the Modesto Firefighters.

Stockton Fire Department

Stockton Firefighters announced the return of their fellow firefighters from the California wildfires on Facebook. Stockton crews have given at the Ferguson Fire, according to CAL OES.

A Stockton crew of four firefighters were at the Ferguson Fire for 14 days. This team was recently swapped out for four new firefighters to take their place for what may be another 14 day deployment. There are a total of six personnel at the Ferguson Fire from Stockton.

Cosumnes Fire Department

The firefighters serving the Galt and Elk Grove area are located at the Ferguson Fire, Carr Fire, and Mendocino Complex Fire. The personnel have been assigned to overhead positions, structure protection, perimeter control, evacuations, and active firefighting.

The majority of Cosumnes Firefighters are combating the Ferguson Fire with a total of 15 personnel. These crews have been deployed since July 14.

7 Cosumnes firefighters are at the Carr Fire providing a Strike Team Leader and behavioral health peer support.

At the Mendocino Complex Fire, there are total of 5 personnel. This crew was assigned to other state incidents on July 15, however they’ve been reassigned to the Mendocino Complex Fire as of July 29.

Personnel will rotate after 14 days.

Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Protection District

42 personnel from Metro Fire are deployed to the California wildfires. According to Cal OES, the crews are deployed to the Ferguson Fire and Mendocino Complex Fire.

On Facebook, Sacramento Metro acknowledged that firefighters are staffing engines or working as Strike Team Leaders as part of four strike teams. Additional roles fulfilled include staffing of Copter 1 and filling overhead assignment as Fireline medics and Public Information Officer.

Folsom Fire Department

The most recent deployment of Folsom Firefighters was to the Ferguson Fire.

Six Folsom Firefighters are combating the wildfire. Four firefighters were assigned to an engine company that was part of a Strike Team and two were assigned as Fireline Paramedics. One of these paramedics has already returned, however, the remaining medic is expected to be there for an additional week.

A four-person engine company was sent out July 30 to rotate with the Ferguson crew that was deployed 14 days ago.

Sacramento City Fire Department

Three engine companies, with four personnel each, and two additional fire personnel, filling overhead positions, are out at the wildfires from Sacramento City Fire Department. These crews are at the Ferguson Fire and the Cranston.

One engine returned to their community on July 30. The engine will go through some maintenance and rehabilitation to ensure its ready for re-deployment if call on again.

Another Sacramento City Fire crew has been working at the scene of the Ferguson Fire for the past 14 days, as of July 30. They are being relieved by another crew of firefighters Sacramento City Fire.

Firefighters from Sacramento were assigned to the Cranston Fire before being heading to Mendocino Complex Fire.

The crews rotate every two weeks for as long as needed.

Turlock Rural Fire Department

Turlock Rural Fire Department is at the Ferguson Fire.

Rocklin Fire Department

Rocklin Firefighters have been deployed to the Ferguson Fire.

Roseville Fire Department

Roseville has crews at the Mendocino Complex, Carr Fire, and the Ferguson Fire. There are members that are part of the strike team leadership at both the Carr Fire and the Ferguson Fire. They’re joined by firefighters from Grass Valley and El Dorado County.

Auburn Firefighters

Auburn firefighters are at the Carr fire. The crew deployed as part of a Strike Team for the Carr Fire. They were joined with engines from El Dorado Hill fire Protection District, and Calaveras Consolidated Fire.

Woodland Fire Department

Woodland Firefighters have personnel at the Carr Fire and at the Ferguson Fire.

Keyes Fire Protection District, Stanislaus Consolidated

Keyes firefighters and Stanislaus Consolidate firefighters are out at the Ferguson Fire, according to Cal OES.

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