It's the first day of spring and the flowers are in full bloom at Daffodil Hill, the seven-acre garden located in Volcano, California.

The McLaughlin family has been planting daffodils for 77 years. What started out as a small garden has now grown into a historic tourist attraction.

"My family said 'this is cool, lets plant more and let people in,'" says Michael Ryan. He is one of the family members who help plant the daffodils.

Admission is free but if you want to see the daffodils you better hurry, the season all depends on the weather.

"We have been open as little as a day, at most we have been open four weeks," says Ryan.

One good rain could cause all the daffodils to topple over or wilt. More than 15,000 daffodil bulbs were planted back in November. Right now, about 75 percent of the flowers are in bloom.

There's lots of other things to see up in this area including peacocks and a wide variety of other animals.

The garden can get crowded as 7,000 people visited over the weekend.

If you do plan on coming up, make sure you call before you drive up: 209-296-7048.