Having trouble sleeping? Well you may want to try a new bed invented by a Grass Valley couple that literally "helps you drift off to sleep."

The magic doesn't come from the mattress... it's the liquid below the covers.

"It's a 25 percent epsom salt solution." said Lee Perry, Owner of Samadhi Float Tanks. The bed is what’s known as a sensory deprivation tank. It’s used for meditation. A high concentrations of salt water is stored under the bed. Users lift up the mattress and climb in the lower tub. The salt water allows them to float and feel weightless.

Glenn and his wife Lee have been designing the beds for years. Older models look kind of like a space pod. The tanks are filled with warm water and designed to completely dark inside.

"We have lots of stress these days. Floating helps relieve that stress." Lee said.

The average float time is about an hour. During that time something strange happens. In the midst of the dark environment the experience gets colorful. Almost hallucinogenic.

"Some people see images. When the mind is relaxed it works differently for people." Lee said.

Glenn has made several design modifications to his tanks. The compact Lilly Pad bed is in production right now. The starting price is $13,700.

"If this can help you to have more insight or be more creative in your work... This pays for itself." Glenn said.