The face of Sacramento Loaves and Fishes is taking a bow and leaving the stage.

Sister Libby Fernandez is leaving her position as the executive director of the private charity organization, which serves the homeless men, women and children in the Sacramento community.

Fernandez is locally recognized as a strong advocate for the poor and homeless and is known for her work with Loaves and Fishes.

The organization doesn't accept any funding from the government stating on their website, "by receiving no government funds the government has less say in how we choose to serve our guests. This means we can operate in a way that serves those in need the best and not just what suits the politicians."

It keeps the charity from being dependent on government money and fearing loss of funds.

Loaves and Fishes was founded in 1983 and provides a number of services including feeding around 600 to 1000 homeless guests everyday, 364 days a year. The charity is also behind the Mustard Seed School, a free private school for children ages 3-15. Sister Nora's Place is also a program of Loaves and Fishes. It provides long-term, overnight shelters for homeless and mentally ill women.

Amongst programs, Loaves and Fishes also provides medical clinics, pet clinics, legal counsel, housing help and more.

In addition, the organization opened Friendship Park earlier this month. The private park provides activities, information and services such as hair cuts, breakfast and toiletries to guests in need.

Fernandez became involved with the organization in 1985 and has since worked as an activist for the homeless, even making national headlines in 2009 after Oprah Winfrey featured Sacramento's tent city, which Fernandez advocated for.

Fernandez entered Sisters of Mercy in 1990 and has since dedicated her life to God and service to others.

Before working with Loaves of Fishes and becoming a sister, she served in the Air Force for seven years, according to a spokesperson for Sisters of Mercy.

Fernandez will begin a new "bike ministry" upon her exit at Loaves and Fishes where she will reach the homeless on the streets, sidewalks and alleys of Sacramento.

Here are 5 things to know about Sister Libby Fernandez, according to Sisters of Mercy:

1. She was born Lizabeth Marie Fernandez in Madrid, Spain.

2. Today, most sisters keep their family given names which is why Sister Libby identifies with 'Libby'. In the past, sisters would choose religious names.

3. Her father, Jose A. Fernandez, also served in the Air Force and was born in San Francisco. Her mother, Carol J. Fernandez was born in Kansas City, Kan.

4. Sister Libby attended Novato High School in Novato, California.

5. She has a Bachelor of Arts from California State University, Sacramento as well as a Masters of Social Welfare and Masters of Social Work from California State University, Sacramento.