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Would more road signs help people drive better? | Why Guy

California has 500,000 road signs along 394,000 miles of roadway

SACRAMENTO, California — Today’s Why Guy question comes from Donelle who asked why Caltrans has so many signs telling drivers what they should be doing on the road.

California has 500,000 road signs along 394,000 miles of roadway. California is second only to Texas in total lane miles. That’s a lot of road for a lot of signs.

Caltrans manages many of the signs we see while they manage 50,000 miles of state highway.

They also take care of all those pop-up reminders and digital signs like “watch for pedestrians walking on all roadways."

“We, along with CHP, coordinate to develop safety-based messages for the changeable message sign boards throughout the state. Typical messages may include language to discourage cell phone use and inebriation while driving and to be work zone alert and drive slow in construction zones," according to Caltrans.

Many of you might feel we have enough signs to tell us what to do. Bad drivers may not be paying that much attention to the signs anyway.

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