PARADISE, Calif. — Six months after the Camp Fire, an organization called Alley Cat Allies is still reuniting cats with their owners. More than 550 cats were rescued by Alley Cat Allies Recovery Center, which FieldHaven Feline Center managed in Marysville, according to a press release on their website.  

Cyndy Rosenberry is one of the volunteers who helps trap cats that went missing after the Camp Fire. She is also a Camp Fire survivor. She goes out rebuilding her community through hope.

"Still six months later we're getting a lot of reunions," Rosenberry said. 

Homeowners reach out and give them permission to put up cameras on the property and traps.

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When the cats are trapped, they go back to a home base center in Paradise where they are checked for a microchip. Unfortunately, many found don't have one.

The volunteers and employees have been working around the clock for months and live in a trailer next to the center.

What drives them are reunions because it's their way of helping Paradise. The Alley Cat Allies Recovery Center has successfully reunited 134 cats with their original families so far, according to a press release on their website. 

"This is my home," Rosenberry said. "I wanna see it grow. I wanna see it come back. I don't want to see it constantly as 'How sad for poor Paradise.'"

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