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'It's still there!' | ABC10's virtual tour of Grizzly Flats updates evacuated residents on state of homes

ABC10 has been listening Grizzly Flats residents as they sit waiting. We decided to send a crew to provide more information.

GRIZZLY FLATS, Calif. — The Caldor Fire damage in Grizzly Flats is a perfect example of how quickly flames can engulf one area of a neighborhood, destroying homes that've hosted years of precious family memories in just moments, and leave structures across the street untouched.

But perhaps the most frustrating thing of all is the unknown. Hundreds of residents from Grizzly Flats were forced to evacuate in a moments notice, and now wait with no word on the status of their homes.

California law allows journalists into evacuation zones to provide current information. ABC10's main goal of going into Grizzly Flats was to provide residents with more information on their homes' conditions. In order to enter, ABC10's crew had to stop at two check points and show law enforcement officials both press badges as well as drivers licenses.

It's worth noting, hot spots continue to cause fires and threaten homes in the area of the Caldor Fire. ABC10 could not get to every street and home requested as downed power lines and trees made it too dangerous. 

The virtual tour was filmed Thursday, Aug. 19. Some of the streets traveled included Winding Way, Blue Mountain Drive, and Tyler Drive. Below are the full videos for those wanting more information on specific streets and addresses:

Hundreds responded on social media, requesting specific addresses and reacting to our videos. Some of the reactions were heartbreaking and others were joyful. 

What questions do you have about the latest wildfires? If you're impacted by the wildfires, what would you like to know? Text the ABC10 team at (916) 321-3310.


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