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What’s burning? These are all of the current wildfires in California

More than 106,000 acres of California are currently on fire as a statewide emergency is in effect.

Firefighters are currently battling 11 confirmed wildfires in California. A total of 106,625 acres are actively on fire, that's more than 166 square miles spread across the state. 

Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a State of Emergency on Sunday due to "extremely dangerous fire weather conditions."

Not every wildfire is under the jurisdiction of Cal Fire. Many of the fires are burning in national parks under the supervision of the U.S. Forest Service, while others are small enough to remain under the watch of local fire departments.

These are the names of the active wildfires, the main county affected, most recent acreage and containment:

  1. Kincade Fire (Sonoma): 76,825 acres burned, 45% contained.
  2. Getty Fire (Los Angeles): 745 acres burned, 27% contained.
  3. Saddle Ridge Fire (Los Angeles): 8,799 acres burned, 97% contained.
  4. Tick Fire (Los Angeles): 4,615 acres burned, 94% contained.
  5. Easy Fire (Ventura): 970 acres, 5% contained.
  6. Burris Fire (Mendocino): 703 acres burned, 85% contained.
  7. Hill Fire (Riverside): 50 acres, 0% contained.
  8. Old Water Fire (San Bernardino): 145 acres, 85% contained.
  9. Palisades Fire (Los Angeles): 42 acres burned, 75% contained.
  10. Caples Fire (El Dorado): 3,435 acres burned, 90% contained.
  11. Taboose Fire (Inyo): 10,296 acres burned, 75% contained.

There is also a completely contained wildfire on Grizzly Island in Fairfield. It grew to about 2,200 acres in size and units are monitoring the scene. 

Tap to see Cal Fire's fire incidents page


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