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Camp Fire survivors holed up at Chico Walmart advised to relocate

Camp Fire survivors who are hunkering down in the parking lot of the Chico Walmart have been issued a deadline on when they have to leave.

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Daniel Hansen is one of the hundreds of Camp Fire survivors who have been living in a tent outside a Walmart parking lot in Chico for the past week.

Hansen, like thousands of others, was displaced after the fire destroyed the town of Paradise. On Thursday morning, Hansen and others were informed that they had to leave the premises by 1 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 18.

"I don't know what I'm going to do come Sunday. I'm just praying," Hansen said.

Luigi Balsamo, an on-site needs coordinator, feels that there's a better way to handle the issue.

"Red Cross wants us to shut down," Balsamo said. "Also, it's supposed to rain here. It's not going to be a pretty situation. We have to get everyone out of here on Sunday, and the big question is, where are they going to go?"

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Balsamo also emphasized that the government hasn't done enough to provide relief for the survivors.

"We want to know why you're not out here helping,"Balsamo said. "We need you to come out and figure out a solution on where these people are going to go next."

Hansen echoed those same sentiments.

"It's mainly on the city council. When elections come, I hope people realize who's in office," Hansen said.

While the situation is a bit chaotic, there are plenty of resources afforded to the survivors. Various volunteers and organizations are providing transportation for the survivors to get to other shelters. There is also a computer on-site where the survivors can register for FEMA assistance.

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