Along I-580 where roadways were drenched in rain, a bad radiator forced Modesto truck driver Harpreet Singh to pull over and take a break.

“Road was slippery and strong winds and hard to drive," said Singh, who pulled over near the top of the Altamont Pass.

Singh was not alone trying to safely maneuver the slick Valley roadways. Patterson trucker Josh Preciado was hauling groceries from Tracy to San Jose.

“You have to be extra careful and cautious, especially in these trucks they’re so heavy. You got people that cut you off all the time," said Preciado.

Pick a roadway and chances are emergency crews are there, too, cleaning up a fender bender or tending to a spun out car.

Late Thursday morning, the California Highway Patrol closed all southbound I-5 lanes at Interstate I-580 near Tracy, due to a big rig hanging off the overpass. All lanes, expect for the second lane from the left were re-opened.

There were several reports of power lines and trees down in the roadway throughout San Joaquin County.

In Morada, a tree limb blocked traffic on one street in front of a school.

Gary Trujillo took a stroll with an umbrella in downtown Stockton fighting off the weather with a sunny disposition.

“Well I’m loving it. Every day above ground is good and every time we can get water California needs water," said Trujillo.

And if the merciless wind and rain wasn't bad enough, three unlucky guys faced it by pushing a car through a downtown Stockton intersection.

Back along I-580, trucker Josh Preciado had this advice for motorists sharing the road in the rain.

“Try to stay away from trucks. Give them room and space. And, try not to cut us off," said Preciado.